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I'm a Vancouver documentary sound recordist and mixer with 28 years of experience in music and sound for TV, film, reality shows and documentaries.   


I own a comprehensive documentary sound kit with carefully chosen equipment for exceptional sound, bullet-proof reliability and rigged for flexibility and modularity to shrink or expand as needed. I also have some unique gear such as waterproof wirelesses, encrypted wirelesses for sensitive subjects. and a stereo mic pair that has a noise floor so low, you can hear barnacles breathing. You can find a detailed gear list here.


I hold Canadian and American passports for easy cross border filming.

In my spare time, I'm a volunteer Mountain Rescue Search Manager and Rescue Team Leader with Lions Bay Search and Rescue. I have Professional CAA Level 1 and AVSAR certification, with extensive knowledge in mountain, glacier & backcountry navigation and travel, as well as swift-water and marine experience.   


My health and fitness levels are excellent which allows me to keep up with fast-paced film shoots - I've recorded sound while doing all sorts of activities:  skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, riding a horse, a bike and one time,  (hopefully only one time)  a llama.  

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